Zhong Yang Village’s Unspeakab

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On the 3rd of October 2010, a blaze broke out in Nanya Technology Corporation’s factory giving rise to Chiayi’s worst industrial accident for 10 years. The resulting pollution in combination with the company’s poor attitude in the wake of the disaster led to strong opposition and disgust from local residents. No one could have imagined the problems with this industrial zone that would be uncovered. Many years ago the Chiayi County Government expropriated the farmland of Zhongyang Village in Xingang Township that it later sold off to the Formosa Plastics Group who established the Zhengyang Industrial Park. At the time, the villagers who simply wanted to continue to farm their ancestral lands expressed their protest by refusing to accept compensation. As time moved on, the period to sue expired and the courts revoked the compensation money, leaving them with neither compensation money nor land. All they were left with was the pollution, environmental damage and a terribly bitter memory.


20 Years of Cruel Expropriation Laws – Zhong Yang Village’s Unspeakable Suffering (By CJ Zhongzheng E Reports)



土地恶法二十年 中洋村苦不堪言 (公民记者 中正E报 报导) 

Zhong Yang Village’s Unspeakab,嘉义发生一起十年来最大的工安意外,太保市的台塑南亚工厂起火燃烧,环境汙染与台塑的处理态度,引起附近居民的反感而抗争,没想到这次事件更带出新港中洋子工业区的问题。多年嘉义县政府强制徵收新港乡中洋村农民的土地,将这些土地卖给台塑集团,设立中洋子工业区。当时不甘土地被强制徵收的农民不愿领取赔偿金,他们只要祖先留下来的土地继续务农。时过境迁,追诉期已过,他们的赔偿金已被法院收回,农民得不到赔偿也要不回土地,剩下的是被污染的环境以及痛苦的回忆。